In 2018 Company Chameleon rewind and fast forward in the world premiere of a new triple bill celebrating our 10th anniversary year.

Featuring three dance pieces, which use engaging and athletic choreography to explore human and personal issues, 10  showcases Chameleon’s trademark style of creating socially relevant dance theatre that is both powerful and original.

Rites, the first major piece of work made by the company in 2007, is a male duet about growing up on the journey from boyhood to manhood, exploring the question what does it mean to be a man? Imprint, a new trio by Kevin Edward Turner, is unashamedly about love, romance and relationships, and the imprint they leave on us; and Anthony Missen’s new solo, Trip, takes you into the dark arena of self-deception, exploring the line between true and false identity.

See the piece that launched Chameleon onto the dance scene a decade ago, alongside two new works by the Company’s founders. Inspiring and insightful, retrospective and up-to-the- minute, 10 promises to be a triple-bill that is truly of its time.

10 tours the UK in Autumn 2018 – tour dates coming soon!

Production Details

70 mins


Trip: Anthony Missen | Imprint: Kevin Edward Turner | Rites: Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner 

Trip & Rites: Miguel Marin | Imprint: Cally Statham 

Trip & Imprint: Aaron J Dootson | Rites: Adam Carree

Emma Bailey

Trip: Andrew Loretto

Trip: Theo Fapohunda | Imprint: Kevin Edward Turner, David Colley & Maddie Shimwell | Rites: Kevin Edward Turner & Theo Fapohunda

Commissioned By

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck