Amaranthine, 2018

Gripping and raw, Amaranthine is a highly physical and fast paced male and female duet, which tells the story of two people who are deeply in love, and in conflict. As the couple desperately try to reconnect, the pushes and pulls of heated argument are felt, as is the appreciation of space, understanding and eventually acceptance.

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10, 2018

In 2018 Company Chameleon rewind and fast forward in the world premiere of a new triple bill celebrating our 10th anniversary year. Featuring three dance pieces, which use engaging and athletic choreography to explore human and personal issues, 10 showcases Chameleon’s trademark style of creating socially relevant dance theatre that is both powerful and original.

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Illuminate, 2017

New dance, music and light art combine in this visually stunning and extraordinary site-specific piece created by Company Chameleon at the iconic Manchester Central Library.

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Witness This, 2017

Evolving out of the stage show Witness, this is Company Chameleon's latest outdoor production. A new 30-minute piece, Witness This, will see outdoor arts turn the spotlight on mental health, as choreographer Kevin Edward Turner, draws from his personal experience of Bi-polar in the creation of the piece

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Witness, 2016

Turning the spotlight on mental health, Witness tells a powerful story through dance and movement, sensitively portraying how loved ones cope, when mental health problems take hold of someone close.

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Of Man And Beast, 2015

An unforgettable outdoor dance piece exploring and uncovering the many faces of masculinity, Of Man And Beast provides a powerful and sensitive look at male group dynamics and behaviour.

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Beauty Of The Beast, 2014

Rage Against The Machine, athleticism, beauty and Bach. Company Chameleon’s unforgettable and critically acclaimed dance piece, offers a funny, moving and subversive look at male group dynamics.

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Hands Down, 2014

Powerful and emotive, this contact-based duet looks at the tensions of union and how we display strength and manage vulnerability in relationships. The piece explores how we walk a tightrope of togetherness and the ways in which we let go and hold tight in order to build or break a bond.

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Pictures We Make

Pictures We Make, 2013

This double bill by Company Chameleon features a newly commissioned work by acclaimed choreographic duo Goddard Nixon (2012 Place Prize nominees). Eden is a powerful and poetic exploration of an internal world, featuring an original score by John Matthias.

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Push, 2012

An exploration on the quality of touch and its physical and emotional resonance. Athletic yet sensitive, the work continues a conversation that began in childhood between artists Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner.

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Gameshow, 2011

Gameshow focuses on desire, seduction and manipulation. Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner invite you to watch and pass judgment, as the contestant tests his luck against the big man J.O.Z. the personification of excess itself.

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Second Grace

Second Grace, 2011

Second Grace, choreographed by Anthony Missen, is communicated as a narrative, taking the experience of a soldier at war to reveal a universal struggle.

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Shattered, 2011

Shattered, choreographed by Kevin Edward Turner, depicts a tattooed character, both the actor and the narrator of his experience as he unpicks the strands of memory and circumstance that delivered him to the place he now resides.

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Search & Find, 2010

Search & Find explores the idea of connection and disconnection between people, as two protagonists search for a way to find a sense of shared understanding and purpose.

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Rites, 2007–2009

Rites is a powerful male duet which makes use of the personal and shared histories of Missen & Turner. At the same time, the piece investigates those rites of passage shared by men in a more universal context, exploring the coming of age and questioning what it is to be a man.

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