Baka is a work about the history and lineage of the diaspora that both Turner and Missen belong, both being of mixed heritage. The social issues pertaining to their life experience, identity and this heritage are potent themes in this work.

The title Baka has a double meaning. It comes from the name of a trading station in the Belgian Congo, “Baka Baka”, translated from the local dialect to capture capture . The Belgians in their imperial lust forced the Congolese to work the wild rubber trees, the women and children were rounded up and taken to “Baka -Baka” trading station. The men were told if they did not work their families would die, and often their gentiles were violated. Eventually the trading station was burnt to the ground as the retreating Belgian forces fell under the weight of rebellion.

Production Details

12 mins


Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

The Harmonic Choir | David Hykes

Lighting Design
Adam Carree

Performed by
Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck