Before Night Fell

Before Night Fell is an exploration of male identity, friendship, camaraderie and bravery. As the second in a trilogy of works investigating aspects of masculinity and maleness, Before Night Fell follows ’13’, Cassani’s award winning work made with her two sons.

Company Chameleon continue their ongoing creative collaboration with Beth Cassani. This artistic relationship has been the inspiration for much of Cassani’s work. In this new work, together they develop concepts of physical risk, game structures, intimacy, vulnerability, power and manipulation.

Production Details

25 mins


Beth Cassani, Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Vassilis Tsabropoulos | Yonderboi | Manitou

Lighting Design
Adam Carree

Fabrice Serafino

Performed by
Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner 


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck