Gameshow focuses on desire, seduction and manipulation.

Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner invite you to watch and pass judgment, as the contestant tests his luck against the big man J.O.Z. the personification of excess itself.

A show packed full of fearless dancing, spoken word and film. With prizes, power, money, fame, celebrity and a cult following up for grabs, or at the very least a limited edition J.O.Z shirt. Missen and Turner ask what needs to be sacrificed in order to win big.

Gameshow is co-commissioned by The Lowry & DanceXchange. Contains scenes of an adult nature.

Production Details

1 hour


Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Original Composition by Dieb13

Lighting Design
Adam Carree

Fabrice Serafino

Andrew Loretto

Set Design
Signe Beckmann

Video Artist
Mat Johns

Performed by
Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Rehearsal Director
Baptiste Bourgougnon

Commissioned by
The Lowry & DanceXchange


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck