Pictures We Make

This double bill by Company Chameleon features a newly commissioned work by acclaimed choreographic duo Goddard Nixon (2012 Place Prize nominees). Eden is a powerful and poetic exploration of an internal world, featuring an original score by John Matthias.

For the second part of this double bill, company founders Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner present a new creation, Pictures We Make. Sourced from stories and experiences from the long shared history of the performers, the piece questions our relationships with ourselves and with other people.

Production Details

30 mins each piece


Eden: Gemma Nixon & Jonathan Goddard | Pictures We Make:  Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Eden: Original music written and produced by John Matthias and Andrew Prior. ‘What Happens’ written and performed by John Matthias, Adrian Corker and Andrew Prior, ‘Mercedes the Dancer’ (Derailer) and ‘Suite for Piano and Electronics’ by John Richards (Derailer) | Pictures We Make: Miguel Marin

Lighting Design
Yaron Abulafia

Fabrice Serafino

Rehearsal Director
Navala Chaudhari

Anthony Missen, Kevin Edward Turner, Elena Thomas (La Mov), Gemma Nixon (Rambert/Scottish Dance Theatre)

Production Manager
Joe Hornsby

Pictures We Make Pictures We Make Performance
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck