Scribe is an improvisation, following a score of up to 10 pre-selected words, selected by Missen & Turner or by the audience prior to the performance.

These words can be followed as a map by the audience, as the performers use the sound, syllables, definition and associations of the words to create the content of the piece, a mix of solo, contact/partner work, voice and rhythm.

The first performance of Scribe featured musician Lis Murphy, also improvising the word score with voice and fiddle.

Further performances will utilize the improvisational skills of other musicians from a variety of musical disciplines, be it electronic, beat box or piano.

This work relies upon the sensitivity and imagination of all the performers.

Production Details

20 mins


Anthony Missen, Kevin Edward Turner & Lis Murphy

Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner

Performed by
Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner 

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck