Second Grace

Second Grace, choreographed by Anthony Missen, is communicated as a narrative, taking the experience of a soldier at war to reveal a universal struggle.

The work is a study on the search for one’s own truth, to not behave blindly and act in ways that are put upon us by a “higher authority”. It is about finding the courage and strength to go against the grain, and live by one’s own belief system.

Second Grace was commissioned as part of the 7 residency at Contact Theatre.

Production Details

15 mins


Anthony Missen

John Tavener | Kosafrica |David Darling

Lighting Design
Adam Carree

Costume & Set Design
Fabrice Serafino

Performed by
Kevin Edward Turner

Commissioned by
Contact Theatre

Second Grace
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England Manchester City Council

Lovingly designed and built by Fuzzy Duck